A basic service that every trip to the dentist should include. Redmyre offers gentle scaling and cleaning using the latest instruments including ultrasonic scalers to scale and clean your smile to the whitest it can be.

What is Scaling?

The dentist chair for your scale & cleanScaling is a technical name given to the process of removing built up amounts of calculus (also know as tartar), plaque and stains from the teeth surfaces. Every time you brush your teeth you are scaling. In fact the small amount of scaling done when daily brushing your teeth can mean that when you attend your next dentist appointment the in-chair scaling process is quick and painless.

Why is Scaling Required?

If calculus and plaque is left on teeth the same micro-organisms that break down the food start to break down your teeth, this is what causes tooth decay and subsequent cavities.

When you remove plaque and calculus from your teeth you allow the tooth’s natural enamel and organisms to continue building healthy cells that help keep your teeth clean and white.

What is the Difference Between Scaling and Cleaning?

Cleaning and polishing removes plaque but does not remove calculus. In fact, if you are to polish while your teeth still had calculus on them it may risk rubbing the calculus into the teeth more! Scaling removes both calculus and plaque. This is why we scale first and then clean and polish.