Dentist chair for dental surgeryOriginally from the Greek language the term endodontics literally means inside tooth, and it refers to all work related to the inner tooth, that is the tooth bone and root. The most well known procedure related to the inner tooth is commonly known as the root canal therapy. The professionals at Redmyre know this is one of the most feared procedures for patients, but can assure their patients that todays procedures and techniques mean treatment of root canals are as painless as cleaning your teeth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

There are various stages of therapy, at all stages the objective is as much as possible try to save the tooth. In some cases it is not possible to save the root,  it must be removed to stop the pain caused to the patient and the possibility of spread of disease to the rest of the tooth and gums. This process of removing the root, cleaning the canal and filling the cavaties left behind is what is known as Root Canal Therapy.

When is Root Canal Therapy Required?

Tooth pointingRoot canal treatment is required when decay has reached through the tooth enamel and the bone. By that stage the tooth usually has become diseased and the root of the tooth starts to become injured. The injured root is what causes the severe pain and toothache. In such cases work is required to treat the disease, clean and tidy the decay and prevent further problems.