Our Campsie Clinics

We offer a range of dental care services. These services are outlined in the pages of our website, including some common questions relating to the procedures that we perform.

We understand that as a patient you like to be informed about your dental health and the condition of your teeth, as well as what we will do when you visit. Responding to your concerns we want to assure you that you are encouraged to ask us any questions you may have or to voice any concerns you may feel about your visit to see us.

For many a visit to the dentist strikes fear of pain and discomfort, bad news and a large bill. As part of our commitment to the highest quality dental care we are determined as a team to deliver the most pain free dental care possible.

What Procedures are Available at Redmyre Dental?

See the links on the top of this page for some of the many dental care services you can receive during your appointment at Redmyre Clinic in Strathfield and Campise.