Since children grow at such a rapid rate, jaw and bite correction, teeth alignment and straightening can be more easily done at a young age.

Recently much research has gone into some of the more fundamental and root causes of malocclusion. The results have enabled the design of a relatively simple device that works as an overall correction of common issues that cause dental misalignment.

What is Myofunction Training?

The definition of myofuncional is ‘relates to or pertaining to muscular function’ and in dentistry this specifically refers to the muscles and soft tissues of the tongue.

It has been shown that the tongue and related muscles have a large impact on the gums and teeth and can also have a negative impact on the proper growth and development of the oral cavities. Hence Myofuntional Training focuses on teaching these muscles how to function correctly. This has a number of benefits.

What are the Benefits of the Myofunctional Trainer?

If the need for treatment is identified early (between the ages of 6 and 12) and an appropriate Trainer is used, it can benefit children in a number of areas:

  • Breathing – chronic mouth breathing is a factor in poor dental development, by training the tongue and it’s associated muscles this is corrected and proper nose breathing is learned
  • Speech – since the muscles related to speaking are all in the dental region, correcting and training them helps proper development of speech
  • Posture – there is the old saying “chin up” and that is exactly what results from the use of trainers, once the muscles have learned how to function correctly they will alter the entire posture by allowing proper jaw growth and alignment promoting correct posture of head and shoulders
  • Straight Teeth – the overall correction of the causes of common malocclusion are prevented and teeth grow correctly not needing any major orthodontic work, Trainer can result in a permanent healthy smile.