Braces: Speedy, Ceramic, Lingual

Braces to straighten teethA common treatment to straighten teeth, braces are a well know sight amongst children and teenagers, but an increasing number of adults are also using braces to straighten and correct a number of dental issues.

This is in part to some of the technology that has been developed to further improve the traditional braces. Listed below you will find some of the latest products that we offer at Redmyre.

    • Speedy Braces – as their name suggests are a quicker treatment of braces, some treatments last only 6 months. They focus on realigning only the teeth and not the entire jaw as the traditional methods do. They are a great way to get your smile back fast, easily and with little hassle, they also require less visits and work out to be less expensive.


    • Ceramic Braces – a great alternative to the unsightly metal braces Ceramic Braces are made to colour match your teeth so your braces treatment will be far less noticeable. Many adults choose these so they can smile with confidence despite having treatment straightening teeth as typically we are a little more self-conscious the older we get.


  • Lingual Braces – these are braces that attach to the inside of your teeth instead of traditionally attaching to outside. This has a great benefit of being almost completely invisible to others. So if you want to be able to unashamedly smile while adjusting to an even more beautiful smile then this is a great solution.

For more reading on braces and their applications and the advantages and disadvantages of the different brace types see the Australian Society of Orthodontists website.