The term orthodontics stems from the Greek language,orthos means ‘straight or proper’ (from which derives the word orthodox meaning ‘correct’) and odous ’teeth’ and is therefore self explanatory in that it is all about making teeth straight.

Generally teeth grow straight down or up depending on the jaw they are in (upper or lower jaw) but it is not at all uncommon for them to skew and start to grow in different directions.

There are a number of reasons why this occurs but if left untreated can lead to the whole jaw being out of place and an improper bite (known as a malocclusion) is likely to develop.
Because teeth grow slowly it is possible to gently apply corrective treatments to teeth that are misaligned and over time they can be corrected – this process is what we call orthodontic care. Redmyre offers a number of orthodontic procedures, and particularly since we take pride in our reputation for putting children at ease when receiving dental care we specially are looking for the best answers for correcting children’s teeth without pain and hassle. This has led us to offer not only the very well known methods of applying braces, but also to some newer developing technology known as Trainers.