Laser Dentistry – Painless Dentistry

The motivating force for our work at Redmyre Dentist is caring for our patients comfort and laser dentistry is at the forefront of leading the way in painless Dental surgery. That is why we have been early to adopt it into our standard level of care at the clinic.

Dentist's Laser for painless dentistryAs the technology continues to mature we are committed to using the best techniques and methods to treat our patients with the gentlest and most pain free procedures available. We are constantly aware that nobody, particularly children like any kind of pain, and the mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

All the dentists at Redmyre are supportive of our aim to provide the best quality dentistry, with the least amount of pain, and that’s for all our patients young and old alike.

How does Laser Dentistry Work?

Similar to the use of lasers in eye surgery Laser Dentistry allows the dentist to be very precise with his actions. This reduces damage to surrounding tissue. The high energy beam acts like a knife to cut both hard and soft tissue as required. Unlike a knife the laser beam is able to sterilise as it cuts and also helps the exposed blood vessels clot quicker.