Laser Dentistry – No Drilling

No drilling with painless laser dentistryOne of the most dreaded tools is the dentist drill, noisy, ugly and PAINFUL! The vibrations even of the latest high revolution drills cause an abrasion and vibration sensation that is very uncomfortable for a patient.

Dental rotary drills use surgical metal bits to drill and polish teeth. Imagine a hammer tapping a fine bone china cup! Ouch! That’s what it is like when the drill comes up against a tooth.

Laser dentistry instead uses high energy amplified light to gently cut teeth and gums. Different wavelength light beams can be used also to diagnose or detect cavities in the teeth.

Because there is no physical contact between the tool and the mouth laser dentistry is completely painless compared with traditional Drill Dentistry.

Laser treatment is completely safe for both adults and children. At Redmyre we¬†understand children, and we know that they don’t like pain, so we recommend the use of our dental laser equipment wherever possible to make their visit as gentle and pain free as possible.