Cosmetic Dentistry – it’s all about a healthy smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is the term given to dental treatments that improve facial aesthetics or, in other words, the beauty of your smile. But that does not mean that Cosmetic Dentistry is not involved with the health of your teeth. In fact the most aesthetically pleasing smile is that of someone with a full set of heathy teeth, and at Redmyre that is our first priority, helping you to attain and maintain a healthy smile.

The Strathfield Dentist Model Smile
Dentistry has always been about caring for the teeth, but in times past this was usually done in a reactive way – you have a toothache and then you go to the dentist. By the time your tooth starts to ache the damage is usually already done. Then it is a matter of how to best repair the damage. Today a more proactive approach is being taken by dentists.

To Prevent is Better Than a Cure

In dentistry this is most definitely the case. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a happy, healthy smile. By regular care and attention you can maintain your dental health and prevent damage to your teeth. You also avoid the pain of dental surgery and the inconvenience and expense of emergency dental operations. We offer a regular dentist clean and recommend it at least every 6 months.

When there is a need to repair damage already done and restore that smile then we are also able to offer a range of dental cosmetic treatments that include caps or crowns, bridges, veneers and whitening. For an extensive look at what those treatments involve see the menu on the left.